Friday, March 13, 2009


So, today is Friday, March the 13th, 2009 and the balloon car race was about 3 days ago I believe, on Tuesday march the 10th. We went fourth. Unintentionally, upon releasing the balloon, the car travelled at an angel during both trial runs. Despite that fact, our car successfully passed and exceeded the 5 metre mark. One piece of material greatly assisted us in passing the 5 metre mark- tape. That’s right, tape. When the balloon was blown up during our practice runs, and released, the forward force always pushed the balloon back which caused air to be lost and, thus, resulted in less distance as well as speed. By taping the balloon down to the top of the car when it was blown up, it made the balloon stay down while the car was moving and resulted in less air being wasted. Therefore, we covered more distance.

Anyway, this was a very educational experience and it was fun. What more can we say? Congratulations to all the other participants, especially to the group that broke the record. We would also like to thank Mr. Papadimitriou for organising this for his students and giving us the opportunity to take part in this. Much appreciated.

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